Household Cleaning Tip of the Week – Micro Fiber Towels!

There are very few things in life which offer immediate satisfaction. And I am always in search of some sort of immediate satisfaction whether it be shiny hair, the perfect iPod playlist or exercise shoes that don’t require a break-in period. Rarely, I come across something that takes very little effort with HUGE payoff. However, […]

I love moments like these…part deux.


My daughter, Avery, has borrowed her dad’s iPod while playing outside. I hear her come in and run to her room rifling through her things. I pay it no mind as she does this about forty-seven hundred times throughout any given day. I mean, she’s six. What else does she have to do? But then […]

Unexplained Phenomenon: Dads are Invisible?

Okay…I havea question. I’m almost certain I am NOT the first person to ask this question. In fact, I’m sure this question has come up in many different ways followingall kinds of different scenarios, in turn, brewing anger and resentment. Here it is… Why…oh….why…are our children only able to see mothers? It’s like they have […]

Blackberry Dump Cake Recipe

Okay, everyone. Are you a fan of “the dump cake?” Do you know what one is? They are this God-send…this little gift from heaven …to the non-baker out there in Martha Stewart land. They are the answer to “what in the heck am I going to take to that potluck?” You can throw ANYTHING into […]