Meatloaf Recipe

Fall conjures up so many images for different folks. Some think of vibrantly shaded maple leaves, Macintosh apples and cider. Others think of pumpkin bread, jack o’ lanterns and crisp, dewy mornings. Avery told me the other day that “Fall means I have to start bringing my coat to school.” But to me, this season […]

I’ve got a cold…or maybe it’s the swine flu?

Uggghhh. I’m sick. Not the kind of sick where I want to snuggle into my bedcovers and watch soap operas or evenreruns of “The Nanny” or “Little House on the Prairie”. The kind of sick where I want to snuggle into my bedcovers and sleep until it’s 2012. Are you hearing me? No reruns? Not […]

Alright…so this is why I do it.


In case you’ve been following my blog you’ve probably heard me whine a little (okay, a whole lot) about my unpaid stay-at-home mom job. To quickly recap: I love my kids and feel grateful that I get to be home with them…but I sometimes question whether I had a lapse in sanity when I made […]

To Sleep Like a Baby

Sleeping like a baby

I remember when Avery was a baby and we’d take her to parties. That little munchkin wouldsleep the entire time! She was never the type of baby who required Jeremy and I to take her home in lieu of spending an entire evening with friends or family. That kid could just sleep, anywhere and everywhere. […]