Technologically Dependent (or Stupid?)

Dependency can be a very ugly thing. It can beunhealthy, limiting and has the potential to be very debillitating. Yet, I continue to hold on to this specific crutch with a mighty determination and utter lackof independent thinking. What is this ‘monkey on my back’? The internet. My husband has been employedin the internet technology […]

Our Tooth Fairy Sucks

I have a bit of a bone to pick. There’s a very popular someone highly admired by another certain someone in this house that is not living up to their commitments. Strike that. Their one commitment. Their one and only job they are tasked to do. We have got to have the flakiest Tooth Fairy […]

Times They Are a’ Changing

Many things change as we age. Our hair gets slightly thinner, our skin getsslightly slacker, our faces get slightly wrinklier and our minds getslightly more confused. These are all things I’ve already come to terms with and am ready to accept. But what happened this weekend is unacceptable and I am unsure how to proceed […]

Can’t Make It One More Step…


We had an exhausting but wonderful weekend. God granted us some beautiful weather and the kids took full advantage of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Avery and Jack, both, spent the entire day on Saturday playing sidewalk chalk, swinging from the tree in the front yard, riding bikes, scooters and harassing neighbors. It was truly blissful. […]