Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Okay. Who’s in the mood for a little “south of the Border” cuisine? And I’m not speaking of the Taco Bell variety. Or in the literal sense of the phrase because, well, right about now that would be an unnecessary risk to take for some cheese-smothered tortillas. Although, that being said,this recipe is almost good […]

A Very Wet Day…and my special “gift.”


We have been experiencing some very strange weather in these parts as of late. I’m actually quite concerned regarding the mental health of our local weather god, Mister Weather (appropriate name, no?). Something is very wrong. Very, verywrong. We go from a bright, sun-filled sky to monsoon-like winds to torrential downpours in mere minutes of […]

An Alternate Universe?


Today has been a day for the books. Today has been the kind of day where I raise my face to the heavens and cry, “Why!?!?!?” Today has been the kind of day where I realize that the fact hair remains follicly attached to my head must bedue to divine intervention. Today has been the […]

Meeting the Pioneer Woman, a.k.a. Coolest Chick Ever


I posted Monday morning that my sister Brandy, galpal Val (I know…clever, right?) and myself were hitting the road, our anticipation gaining with each mile under our wheels. Well, apparently, us and about 500 other people all had the same idea. To meet and greet with the Pioneer Woman at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, OR. […]