Well, Crap.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been M-I-A (that’s missing in action for those who don’t speak acronym.) The horribly bad news is that my tiny little pink netbook, my baby, has been inflicted with some terrible virus. Some awful, mind-numbingly damaging virus. Some disgusting virus that by all rights, given the supposedly technologically-minded savvy […]

I Never Would Have Made it on the Prairie!

I was first introduced to Laura Ingalls Wilder at about the age of 8 and grew immediately enamored with her life. I used to dream about “Ma” and “Pa” and would imagine myself gallivanting my little country selfaround the prairie, wheat rustling against my skirt (because, um, it was the 1800s and every chick wore […]

Conversations with Avery

I’ve recently determined that I owe a lotmore than a corrected crossbite and an empty pocketbook to my daughter’s orthodontist. I also owe him for a newly developingrelationship with my daughter, Avery. You see, if you happen to be one of the lucky few steeped in orthodontia (sarcasm fully intended) then you will understand that […]

Mixed Media Messages

Okay. Those of you readers who have not been around young(ish) kids for quite some time will most likely not understand this post. I apologize in advance. But I feel it is my obligation to make what I consider a ‘public service announcement’. During my stint as a stay-at-home mom I have observed many things […]