The Pumpkins Barely Made it Out Alive!


After our arduous trek through the wilderness to obtain our Halloween pumpkins we came home with the intent of butchering the little dudes. We set them out on the table to admire our amazing gourd-picking skills and began mentally sketching out the perfect faces. “Whatddya think kids?” Jer asked, butchering tools in hand. This is […]

To the Pumpkin Patch!


This past Sunday my family partook of one of the most popular American holiday pasttimes…braving the pumpkin patch. Sure, this tradition centers on picking out pumpkins to be carved and/or decorated, providing beautiful backdrops for family pictures and offering a wholesome community experience but it also pays tribute to other, slightly less picturesque traits. The […]

A “Typical” Morning…

In order to understand me a tiny bit better (which I’m quite sure you’ve been dying to do) I thought I would lay out for you a “typical” morning in our little suburban household. Now, understand, I have one second grader who attends public school and one four year-old who attends preschool two days a […]

Please tell me you haven’t forgotten about me…

Just a little visual reminder of all my bliss...

Okay. So, I’ve been a little missing-in-action lately. I have no real solid excuse other than the fact that I’ve had laundry up the wazoo, a voluntarily working-from-home husband who still refuses to occasionally drive his computer-savvy arse to the office thereby refusing to afford me fleeting moments of freedom from staring at the back […]