Another Blast from the Past

If you’ve been joining me on this stroll down memory lane (otherwise known as: old blog posts) then I present for you another glimpse into the tumultuous psyche that is my own. Recently, during my hubby’s two-week long business trip to Detroit I was reminded at how fragile my bravado can be. When an innocent […]

An Oldie but a Goodie…

I thought I might start reposting some of my earlier blog entries, from way back when my mom and sisters were literally the only ones reading them. The following post is particularly appropriate because over the last couple of weeks I have been tried, tested, used and abused in my temporary role as “head of […]

WHERE Have You BEEN???

I really wish I could say, “Well, dahlings, I’m so sorry I’ve been absent but I’ve just been on a FAB-ulous world tour and couldn’t spare the time to say hullo.” But, that would be lying. In fact, it would be more on par to say, “Well, dahlings, I’m so sorry I’ve been absent but […]