It’s the Love of His Life

Almost five short years ago, when Jack was a teeny tiny human (now he’s just a teeny human) he was gifted with a baby blanket. I wish I could say it came from a dear Great Grandmother, handcrafted from wool she had spun herself (do you even spin wool?) or maybe as a christening gift […]

A Watched Pot Never Boils…Especially When It’s EMPTY!

You know, I don’t ask for much. I’m a provider by nature and get a whole lot of satisfaction in taking care of my family. Like most wives and/or moms I try to keep good snackies on hand for the kids, clean underwear and socks in the hubbie’s dresser drawer and a good combo of […]

“Why not?”


Some people look into the face of my little man and ask, “How can you get mad at a face like that?’ My answer? “I’ll give you ten minutes with the kid and you will see for yourself.” Now, don’t get me wrong. My son Jack, in all of his 4 year-old glory is a […]