Well, Hello there!

Hi folks! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve checked in but it’s been a very full month. I’m sure that any of you with small, living extensions of yourselves can certainly understand.

It’s Back to School month and with that comes all kinds of responsibilities that were somehow pushed to the back of my partially functional summer brain. Avery started the 3rd grade and suddenly required school supplies that are found in the expensive side of the store aisle and Jack started preschool which carries it’s own host of mentally exhausting explanations and rationalizations, since last I checked “Spongebob” is not part of the normal curriculum.

But, supplies were bought, the obnoxious little yellow sponge was weaned and we survived. The kid’s have settled themselves into educated bliss quite easily and I’ve settled myself into the school year with a big reminder as to how I earned the name, Stay at Home Mom.

With each passing day I am reminded, once again, what exactly that title entails. It means laundry and grocery shopping. It means packing and unpacking lunch bags. It means finding homework shoved in the bottom of backpacks and keeping two large cookbooks on hand for smoothing out crinkled paper (Finally found a use for those cookbooks!) It means shuttling little boys to and from preschool every couple of hours leaving about enough time to use the bathroom unintterupted in between trips.

But most of all, it means being here to greet my little people when they get home with a snack, a glass of milk and a willing ear.

I love my job. (I could, however, do without the 3rd grade math homework that is making it very hard to maintain my intellectual authority around here.)

Happy 2011/2012 School Year!

Avery's First day of 3rd Grade!

Jack's first day of Preschool!