Holy Slacker, Batman!!

Hello my friends! It is I, your resident “slacker” blogger. I’m not going to say that I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month since my last post. Because I can believe it. Every time I walk past my computer and say to myself, “Why are you not writing anymore?” and then continue to walk past my computer I am reminded that I have really dropped the ball on this blogging thing. But, like most things in life, blogging ebbs and flows and I’m ebbing right now. Or am I flowing? Does anyone actually know what “ebbing and flowing” actually entails?

A little update on what’s been happening in this Suburban Life as of late? School seems to be going well for the kids. Jack hasn’t been kicked out of preschool, yet, so that’s a good thing. Hey, I find the positive in even the smallest of achievements.

Halloween was a resounding success. Our neighborhood supplied an upwards of 350 kids with candy and an approximate 700+ parents with gigantic headaches.

Jack rocked a “Gnome” look and Avery pretty much mastered a sullen “Goth-teenager.” I have to say I shudder every time I see my sweet, kind little lady dressed this way. My mind involuntarily flashes forward about 8 years and I begin frantically searching my cupboards for Maalox.

And then I see her like this…

My little Pilgrimettes...Avery (on the right) and her BFF/Cousin Sophie

…and remember that all is still fine in my world for now. She’s still willing to wear a paper “Pilgrim” hat and without a single “Gawd, mom, you’re totally like ruining my life” uttered from her sweet little innocent mouth. Ahh, the beauty of 3rd Grade school programs.

Alas, we’ve all just been hunkered down in the confines of our warm house settling in for a wet and potentially snowy winter. We’ve had some record cold days followed by warm wind storms. All of this equals…horribly frizzy hair. I’ve just about given up on caring but being that I have a tendency to learn towards a more “vain” approach to life I am thinking about starting a stylish handkerchief trend. The only problem is I’m not really a trendsetter, per se, and if I were, the only person who would probably follow along with me is 8 years old. Not a very reassuring thought.

So, I will say “Goodbye” for now, my friends, and hope to be back again soon. Stay warm, and for Pete’s sake get some anti-frizz in that hair! Stat!