Just Who Is This “Suburban” Chick?

Hi everyone! I’m Mindy and living the Suburban Life!

I want to officially welcome you and warn you that you are about to experience life the way I see it. Make sure you are fully prepared. Have you had all your shots?

I’m a thirty-something stay-at-home mom of two kids and wife of a webbie/techie guy who also stays home, working remotely. Life can get a little crazy around here…we’ve got a 6-year old girl who is starting to have an opinion, a 3-year old boy who is peeing all over the house, my husband, a 34-year old man who is so busy his butt is permanently planted at his desk and I have to say harbors slight hoarder habits and thenme,a 33-year old suburban mom with slight neurotic tendencies and a knack for finding the humor in life.

So, come on in andI hope you enjoy your stay!

– Mindy