A perfect weekend…

We got home yesterday from a perfect camping trip with my book club. I’ve mentioned this special group of ladies before. You can read up on how we manage to take the “book” out of book club here. For a quick recap for the non-informed (in which case, how dare you not be informed about […]

My heart longs for days gone by

So, I was pounding away on my treadmill this evening watching a really fun movie from 1965, “That Funny Feeling” starring the incomparably adorable Sandra Dee and her real-life (albeit temporary) honeybee Bobby Darin. And next thing I knew I passed by forty-five minutes in a blur. One of the reasons I prefer to watch […]

A Gleektastic New Goal

I am all for having goals. I think they are therapeutic, inspiring, and can begood for the soul. However, please do not mistake goals for resolutions. I have previously posted regarding my distaste for resolutions. In my opinion, they are not evenin the same league as goals. The difference? It’s taken me approximately 25 years […]

I Never Would Have Made it on the Prairie!

I was first introduced to Laura Ingalls Wilder at about the age of 8 and grew immediately enamored with her life. I used to dream about “Ma” and “Pa” and would imagine myself gallivanting my little country selfaround the prairie, wheat rustling against my skirt (because, um, it was the 1800s and every chick wore […]