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summer vacation

Hey friends!  It’s Summer.  I’m sure you haven’t actually figured that out on your own.  Ms. Captain Obvious here. My kiddos are out of school and draping themselves lazily across my various furniture pieces, leaving random wrappers for snacks I didn’t even know were in my cupboard tucked sneakily into couch cushions and…honestly, driving me […]

Friday Favorites

little boy haircut

I believe a weekly wrap-up of some of my favorites is in order. Why?  Because it’s Friday and I’ve had some favorites.  I know.  Groundbreaking stuff here. Favorite #1:  That I’m married to a hunky guy who doubles as a hairstylist. Okay, hairstylist  might be a stretch.  But he periodically (and confidently!) removes hair from […]

The Dirty Dash 2014

dirty dash 2014 taking a mud bath

“So, Mindy.  I plan on taking the kids on this obstacle course thing.  The Dirty Dash 2014.  Pretty much we jump around in mud, race across a field, climb stuff.  In mud.  K?” Forcing back my germaphobic tendencies and involuntary eye tick I calmly respond, “Uh, no.” And so it went, back and forth, until Hubs […]

The Last Day of School 2014

Last Day of School

Wow.  Just, wow.  How on Earth did 200 +/- days go by in the wink of an eye?  It defies science, really.  But then so do many of the things our school-aged kids manage to do so why am I surprised? This has been quite a year, as are most.  My inquisitive little squirrel monkey […]