Friday Favorites

little boy haircut

I believe a weekly wrap-up of some of my favorites is in order. Why?  Because it’s Friday and I’ve had some favorites.  I know.  Groundbreaking stuff here. Favorite #1:  That I’m married to a hunky guy who doubles as a hairstylist. Okay, hairstylist  might be a stretch.  But he periodically (and confidently!) removes hair from […]

influenster Spring Fling VoxBox – A Review

influenster Spring Fling VoxBox

Free schtuff.  Who doesn’t love a box full of somethings for nothing?  This gal does. A while back I came across Influenster, a community developed for folks to essentially help increase brand awareness through product reviews and experiences.  It is free to sign-up and involvement in the website increases your likelihood of receiving a free box of schtuff.  Um, […]

Beauty Product Junkie Diaries

Hello. My name is Mindy. <hi, Mindy> And I am a beauty-a-holic. There is something so fulfilling about a bright pop of pink lipstick, a gentle sweep of shimmering bronze on your cheek, a fabulous smokey eye. I derive a great amount of pleasure from beauty products and am highly unapologetic about it. Sort of. […]

A First Impression

To work towards my New Year’s Goal Number One, the hubby and I decided to join a gym. A real one. With treadmills. And elliptical machines. And various weightlifting apparatus (or would that be apparatii,Latin for causing immense pain). And trainers. And, perhaps the most intimidating, tiny little gym rats with butts so firm you […]