Holy Shrimp! It’s 2012!


To borrow from my 5 year-old’s ever growing vocabulary, Holy Shrimp! Can anyone believe that it is now the 12th year in the 21st millennium? I mean, come on! 2012?!? I remember growing up in the 80s and getting my jam on to Prince’s “1999” while trying to imagine what the world would look like […]

Another Blast from the Past

If you’ve been joining me on this stroll down memory lane (otherwise known as: old blog posts) then I present for you another glimpse into the tumultuous psyche that is my own. Recently, during my hubby’s two-week long business trip to Detroit I was reminded at how fragile my bravado can be. When an innocent […]

My heart longs for days gone by

So, I was pounding away on my treadmill this evening watching a really fun movie from 1965, “That Funny Feeling” starring the incomparably adorable Sandra Dee and her real-life (albeit temporary) honeybee Bobby Darin. And next thing I knew I passed by forty-five minutes in a blur. One of the reasons I prefer to watch […]

A Gleektastic New Goal

I am all for having goals. I think they are therapeutic, inspiring, and can begood for the soul. However, please do not mistake goals for resolutions. I have previously posted regarding my distaste for resolutions. In my opinion, they are not evenin the same league as goals. The difference? It’s taken me approximately 25 years […]