A perfect weekend…

We got home yesterday from a perfect camping trip with my book club. I’ve mentioned this special group of ladies before. You can read up on how we manage to take the “book” out of book club here.

For a quick recap for the non-informed (in which case, how dare you not be informed about my life) our book club meets monthly for a kid-free, husband-free evening of drinks, appetizers, drinks, dinner, drinks, dessert, drinks, vague book discussion and drinks. It’s fabulous! Did I mention the drinks? We have really grown into great friends and I wholeheartedly look forward to our evenings together.

A few years back we decided that our monthly dates were just not enough. So we made the decision to gather up our families and head to a fabulous spot for campfires, drinks, games, drinks, swimming, drinks and drinks.

It was an awesome weekend.

But like with any life experience I’ve learned a few things about myself.

1) I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

2) I’m getting old.

3) I’m not as young as I used to be.

4) My body is old.

5) I’m old.

This unfortunate fact got proven to me throughout the weekend. Camping just ain’t as easy on these old bones as it used to be. There were hot days and cold nights. There were Volkswagen-sized bugs flying around which caused me to manipulate my body in ways worthy of a Matrix stunt double. There were uncomfortable trailer beds. (Now, wait. Before you get all Swiss Family Robinson on me and tell me that trailer camping isn’t real camping you obviously haven’t had to wash dishes in a sink the size of a measuring cup. It’s real rough.) There were too many appetizers involving cheese. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know I’m not one signature away from an AARP membership or anything. I’m only 36. But 36 is certainly not 26 and I’m pretty sure that we exponentially age after 30 anyway.

Nevertheless, aching back considering, I love our annual camping trip and I love my book club ladies like family. A true testament to a spectacular vacation is looking forward to the next one, flying Volkswagens and all. And that I am!





  1. Livi says

    Well, I know I can say that I enjoy book club camping as well! I look forward to it all summer and am sad to see it done once again. But before we know it, I guess it’ll be 2013 book club camping. Oh and one thing I should thank you for, Aunt Mindy, is that you didn’t tease me about “you know who” this trip. I’m just waiting for it to catch up with me once we get back together. Just kidding… thanks for the laugh (mostly talking about the book club drinking) :)

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