Hanging my head in shame…

Hello friends. Am I still allowed to call you that? Do we need to go through that awkward ‘get to know each other’ phase again?

I have been absent for a very long time. In fact, in blogger’s terms, you could say a lifetime has passed since my last post. Even truer, in Mindy’s terms (that’s me in case you have forgotten), I have grown approximately 7 gray hairs since I have last written and I’m pretty sure there may be a new crow’s foot peeking out the side of my eye. Not lovely.

You may ask where I have been that has caused my hair follicles to deviate from my natural blonde (ahem, okay, blonde with some assistance) and my skin elasticity to turn against me?

Living life, yo. Just living life. And it’s been a bit of a bitch.

Winter wreaked havoc on me and my family. We all succumbed to one illness or another and at one time 3 out of 4 of us were on antibiotics for pneumonia. Most of us got well right away but one of us had a little bit of trouble getting out of the exceedingly uncomfortable sick bed.

I was sick, folks. From the beginning of February through the end of March I battled coughing, snotting, hives, overgrowth of certain healthy fungii, decimation of any beneficial bacteria in my stomach and a one-way ticket into any bathroom within running distance. It was ugly.

For those who like to know the details: I had pneumonia/sinus infection which led to complications from my antibiotic and an apparent penicillin allergy, which led to thrush and an uber-sensitive stomach, which led to C-Diff, a nasty bacteria which took up residence in my body with the intention of slowly killing me. I’m sure of it. But, with the help of some fabulous drugs, an amazing probiotic and some very soft toilet paper I prevailed and at this point in time I can say with certainty that I am almost all better!

Which is good because toilet paper is getting expensive!

Now, enough with all that negative mumbo-jumbo. Life is fabulous again and I’m hoping I can get back to doing some more regular blogging. I’m also running around with the idea of doing some “vlogging”. What do you think? Could you handle a little virtual chit-chat?

I bid adieu for now, friends. Chat with you soon!




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    Hiya Mindy! That sounds awful!!! My background is in molecular biology, so I kinda got all hot and bothered when you said C-diff. I was like, “I know about that shit” and proceeded to lecture my husband on all the terrible things that nasty little bugger can do.

    After about the 5th eye roll, he stopped me and said, “So, basically, she’s lucky to be alive. Now, can you please stop talking. You sound like you ate a textbook and while I totally dig the sexy librarian thing you got going on, school was never my forte. You’re making my brain hurt.”

    So, yeah, I’m glad you’re alive and on the mend!!! Your blog is pretty cool too!

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