Happy Friday!!!

Phew! We made it everyone. The end of the week. And man did it feel like it would never get here.

Isn’t that a strange phenomenon? There has always been and will always be the same amount of time between Monday and Friday each and every week. But, schedule a root canal/tetanus shot/gynecology visit for Friday morning and that time speeds by like someone hit the fast forward button on life. Schedule a massage/fabulous vacation/Publisher’s Clearing House home visit and time hits slow motion.

Nevertheless, it’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier about that fact. So get out there and enjoy your weekend, folks. Hopefully there’s beautiful weather awaiting you in your neck of the woods. And if not, then a great bottle of wine and a good book! (For that matter, drink enough wine and who cares how good your book is!).

Until next week friends!



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