Holy Shrimp! It’s 2012!

To borrow from my 5 year-old’s ever growing vocabulary, Holy Shrimp! Can anyone believe that it is now the 12th year in the 21st millennium? I mean, come on! 2012?!?

I remember growing up in the 80s and getting my jam on to Prince’s “1999” while trying to imagine what the world would look like near the turn of the century. I pictured rockets for cars, dishwashers that spoke to you, fully prepared meals ejected out of kitchen machines. Granted, I had what some might call a “vivid imagination” and was obviously giving GE and Whirlpool way too much credit but the visions were endless. Fast forward twenty-something years and although I’m a bit disappointed that I am still having to use my own legs to walk to the mail box, each and every January 1st I’m excited to see what our year will be bringing.

And along with New Year’s celebratory hangovers and swollen ankles, a totally unachievable resolution will typically follow. But not this year I, ahem, resolve. This year will be different.

This is the year of Mindy. 2012 is about doing whatever I dilly-dang feel like doing. If I choose to obsess over my ever-stretching yoga pants, so be it. If I choose to ignore those ever-stretching yoga pants (definitely more likely), so be it. If I choose to catch up on all 22 episodes of Days of Our Lives currently sitting tight on my DVR, so be it. If I choose to continue to watch Jersey Shore (new season starts 1/5/12), so be it. Although, I should add, I routinely complete a Sudoku puzzle after watching that Godforsaken show with the hopes of replenishing any brain cells vicariously burned through visuals of Snooki.

Poor TV choices notwithstanding, I am excited to see what 2012 has to offer. Avery will be turning 9 years old next month and is maturing by leaps and bounds. Her glorious little attitude never fails to deepen my pride. Jack turned 5 in October and keeps his dad, sister and I in stitches. His personality is definitely one for the books and I wait with eager anticipation to see what he’ll contribute this year. It’s going to be a fantastic run of 365 mornings, afternoons and evenings. I have no doubt.

And from my humble little family to yours, Happy New Years!



  1. says

    holy shrimp!??? i’m so stealing that!!
    sadly i had the same visions for the 21st century, none of which have come true really but oh well. kudos to you for focusing on YOU this year!!
    happy new year mindy! hope to hear more of your stories in 2012!!

  2. Valerie says

    Happy New Year! Sure do hope you do EVERYTHING you want to do! I think it is a great plan! More importantly please give us more on this blog! I love reading it and it brightens my day everytime! Thanks Min and I love ya! ~Val

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