Huge Thanks to my Hubby!!

In all the hubub of premiering my new website design I forgot to doone very important thing…apply my Monday pore-refining mask. No worries, I’ll do that tonight.

Pore-refinement aside, Ialso realized thatI have neglected something else… a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to my better half!

My husband, Jer, is a very hard worker and certainly isn’t rich in extra time. He works full-time plus for a software company and also manages to run his own websites for outdoor enthusiasts. His work-from-home daily To Do list would make even Martha Stewart cringe. (Oh, and hallelujah! Jer has recently added dressing himself to his already packed morning schedule…no more visions of him facilitating phone conferences in stretched out underpants until noon, thank God.)

The point is, my husband has very little spare time and I can more than appreciate that he jumped head first and createdmy very own personalizedwebsite. I have joked that it’s only taken him nine months to carry out his original promise (I mean,I’ve managed to growa human in that amount of time)but I honestly say that with tongue-in-cheek. With all the irons in Jer’s campfire, I hadalready intended for The Suburban Life to sit low on his list of priorities. Mainly because this particular iron doesn’t pay the bills. Work on, brother man, work on.

So, I thank you,dear husband. I thankyou for your hard work and for your creativity.I thank you forgiving me amore enjoyable playground on which to play. Mainly, I thank you for shifting me to the top of your list.



  1. says

    Ohhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh eeeeeeehhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!!!

    Isn’t it PRETTY in here? Wow!!! Jer you ROCK! Or Mindy maybe you applied just the right nag pressure? Either way, look at the result. I love the blue and the fence. This is sup-ah!

    Congrats on your blog warming. :-)

    • says

      Thanks! I like the color scheme, too. It’s funny because Jer thought blue was my favorite color (it isn’t). It definitely works though. :)

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