The Last Day of School 2014

First day of School

First Day of School

Wow.  Just, wow.  How on Earth did 200 +/- days go by in the wink of an eye?  It defies science, really.  But then so do many of the things our school-aged kids manage to do so why am I surprised?

This has been quite a year, as are most.  My inquisitive little squirrel monkey started and finished the First grade.  We survived field trips and report cards, parent/teacher conferences and navigating the lunch menu.  He’s learned how to sit quietly and how to speak up for himself.  He’s learned how to read and how to add and subtract.  He’s learned the politics of the swing set and how to be a good friend.  He’s learned that a person’s character matters and good people do good things.

Now, has he practiced all of it with the utmost of success?  Absolutely not.  But, man oh man, has it been exciting to watch him learn.

Last Day of School

Last Day of School

My sweet-natured, happy little girl has started and finished the fifth grade and it has been quite a whirlwind.  Why didn’t anyone warn me that 10 and 11 year-olds age two hundred years their last year of elementary school?  I wasn’t prepared.  We survived standardized testing and book reports, speeches and hair emergencies.  She’s learned how to like and be liked by a boy.  She’s learned how to choose her words carefully and  show empathy to a friend.  She’s learned the politics of the lunch table and how friendships can change in an instant.  She’s learned that building character is a constant task and sometimes good people do bad things.

And has she practiced all of if with the utmost of success?  Absolutely not.  But, man oh man, has it been exciting to watch her learn.

My kids are learning valuable lessons about life that far surpass what’s written in the textbooks.  They’re learning how to thrive in a world that’s only constant is the fact that it changes.  And each school year gives them the opportunity to build on those lessons.

And now we’re onto Summer Break.  Where they will promptly forget 75% of what they learned.  Lucky kids.  😀

I guess we’ll just do it all again next year.




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