Monday, Monday…

Is it Monday already?

I have never understood that question. In my whole history of histories I have never NOT known it was Monday. For every second of the forty bazillion seconds in a weekend (totally officiall number by the way) I am aware as each passes by. I can feel the impending Monday morning wake-up in mah bones. Mah bones, I tell you.

And this weekend was no exception. Hubby has been working his fingers to a stumpy little nub trying to accomplish all kinds of interwebby tasks and being that he works from home this has resulted in late nights of him click-click-clicking away on his computer from the home office (i.e. our bedroom) leaving me tossing and turning to the rhythm of his keyboard.

Not as soothing as it sounds. (Yes, that was sarcasm. Not my most attractive quality. Well, that and my cankles.)

So, last night I relegated myself to the living room couch where there is no computer in sight and the only sounds assaulting my ears are those made by my achy bones as they settle into the ten year-old couch cushions.

Ahhh…blissful, right? (Again with the sarcasm. I need help.)

Not so much. Monday morning came screaming at me full-force and I’ve been feeling every bit of it…in mah bones.

And in case you’re wanting some context regarding the picture featured above? That’s just my Jack being Jack…in a little bit of a Risky Business moment. God Bless him.



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