Winter Woes – Frozen Popsicle People


It’s cold.  Like the kind of cold that hurts to the bones.  And I’m not the “bony” type.  I mean, I have bones.  Obviously.  And they’re sturdy little buggers.  But I also have a nice layer, or two, keeping my bones and innards protected.  You know, insulating all my important organs and stuff.  And, okay.  Maybe my organs could use a little less insulation.  But that has nothing to do with this blog post.  So stop bringing it up, please.

*Now, where did I put that stash of 75% off Halloween candy?*

Back to the point, I have plenty of padding that usually keeps me at a comfortable temp and when other less-insulated people are bundling up with scarves and socks, I’m rocking a lightweight hoody looking for an open window to stand near.


But lately, I’m cold.  Even with all the extra insulation.  And to add a little salt to the frigid wound, our furnace has gone kaput and we’re now in the “how many cheap(ish) parts can we replace before we admit we’ll have to call in a professional” cycle.  We’ve resorted to burning our gas fireplace and fighting over real estate in front of small space heaters.  I’d like to say that my hubs and I are “taking one for the team” and sacrificing our comfort for the sake of our chitlins, but we’re in survival mode and its every man for himself.  Last one to the space heater is a frozen popsicle!  Sorry kids.  The furnace should be back up and blowing pricey heat soon.

How is it in your neck of the woods?  Are you slathering Vaseline all over your face to keep your pores from freezing shut or are you still hitting the beach for barbecues?  Do share.

Happy winter y’all!



  1. Wendy says

    Love that you are back to bloggin! We have wood heat upstairs, which when in use, keeps the furnace from running,,, therefore making the downstairs rather frigged! I am afraid to put a thermometer down in our bedroom, but
    my “bones” tell me that it was about 58 last night,,,,brrrrrr!

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