Cider and Pumpkins and Halloween Candy…Oh My!


October. The month of apple spiced candles and warmly colored mums. The official beginning of a guilt-free spree of purchasing Kit Kats and … [Continue reading]

Summer Break!!

jack and avery photo

No more pencils, no more books No more teacher's dirty looks! Now there's chores and now there's lists Wait, why's my mom clenching her … [Continue reading]

Totally Not My Recipe Wednesday – Baked Chicken Chimi’s

Mmm...this is a yummy one. My hubby is a chimichanga connoisseur. He orders them at every Mexican restaurant we visit. I yell at him that he really … [Continue reading]

Totally Not My Recipe Wednesday – Chicken Spaghetti

In honor of today. In honor of real cooks out there. In honor of the fact that I like to eat. I present to you... Totally Not My Recipe … [Continue reading]

The Blessed Weekend

And it's Monday. I can't believe how quickly the weekend goes. I remember backwhen I was a working girl (not THAT kind of working … [Continue reading]