The Last Day of School 2014

Last Day of School

Wow.  Just, wow.  How on Earth did 200 +/- days go by in the wink of an eye?  It defies science, really.  But then so do many of the things our school-aged kids manage to do so why am I surprised? This has been quite a year, as are most.  My inquisitive little squirrel monkey […]

Baseball Season is Alive and Hitting…well, sometimes.

Jack baseball blog 1

It can be almost painful to watch your little tikes play organized sports.  I sit on the sidelines in my pop-up camp chair gripping the arms, a mere nano-second away from launching out of the chair to either swing the bat for my kiddo or viciously destroy the pitching machine that I’m sure has it […]

A Gloomy, Rainy, Boring Saturday. Or is it?

Sunshine to Brighten the Gloom!

Good afternoon Friends! What a positive, optimistic, glass half-full (of Captain Morgan, no less!) blog title, eh? It’s just one of those ugly kinda days.  The sky is gray.  And not a gorgeous chevron-striped pillow type of gray either.  The dismal kind.  Frizz-inducing misty rain is coming down.  It’s cold.  But it’s not cold.  Not cold […]

Working Moms – I Salute You! (An Open Letter)

Dear Unsung Heroes: I would like to begin by saying I truly believe the majority of us chicks are doing the best we can within whatever situation we find ourselves.  The “mom” job is the toughest in the world and there ain’t nobody with all the answers. Any-shmoo, some background. I joined the ranks of the […]