Summer Fun in the Backyard Pool

Summer Fun Baby Inflatable Pool

Is it hot in your neck of the woods? Good Lawd but it’s been a scorcher lately. And us Northwesterners aren’t really equipped to handle skin-sizzling heat. Our delicate dermis is screaming in protest at unrecognized UV rays, sweat-inducing temperatures and the generous slathering of sunscreen (applied in the hope of saving our top layer […]

influenster Spring Fling VoxBox – A Review

influenster Spring Fling VoxBox

Free schtuff.  Who doesn’t love a box full of somethings for nothing?  This gal does. A while back I came across Influenster, a community developed for folks to essentially help increase brand awareness through product reviews and experiences.  It is free to sign-up and involvement in the website increases your likelihood of receiving a free box of schtuff.  Um, […]

The Last Day of School 2014

Last Day of School

Wow.  Just, wow.  How on Earth did 200 +/- days go by in the wink of an eye?  It defies science, really.  But then so do many of the things our school-aged kids manage to do so why am I surprised? This has been quite a year, as are most.  My inquisitive little squirrel monkey […]

Baseball Season is Alive and Hitting…well, sometimes.

Jack baseball blog 1

It can be almost painful to watch your little tikes play organized sports.  I sit on the sidelines in my pop-up camp chair gripping the arms, a mere nano-second away from launching out of the chair to either swing the bat for my kiddo or viciously destroy the pitching machine that I’m sure has it […]