Working Moms – I Salute You! (An Open Letter)

Dear Unsung Heroes: I would like to begin by saying I truly believe the majority of us chicks are doing the best we can within whatever situation we find ourselves.  The “mom” job is the toughest in the world and there ain’t nobody with all the answers. Any-shmoo, some background. I joined the ranks of the […]

Winter Woes – Frozen Popsicle People


Brrrrr. It’s cold.  Like the kind of cold that hurts to the bones.  And I’m not the “bony” type.  I mean, I have bones.  Obviously.  And they’re sturdy little buggers.  But I also have a nice layer, or two, keeping my bones and innards protected.  You know, insulating all my important organs and stuff.  And, okay.  Maybe […]

You Can Learn A Lot If You Listen

Recently, while reacquainting myself with my little bloggy-blog I came across this post that for some reason only known to God and the Universe, I never published.  Rather than dump it off as a missed opportunity to share I decided to include it as today’s blog post, the information still quite relevant.  I threw this […]

Priorities, after all.

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My son is a pagan.  Or something along those lines. Recently, during one of my daily “breakdown of the school day” rap sessions with my little 2nd grader (a.k.a. behavior update and/or early planning for teacher Christmas payoffs) I discovered that Jack has recently had Santa Clause on his little brain. I shouldn’t be surprised. […]