Top Five “What the Heck” Google Searches

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! We had a busy couple of days but sometimes packing your weekend full of plans is just the answer. There’s nothing like a hectic schedule to justify a little Sunday napping. Okay. Who are we kidding here? I never attempt to find justification for […]

A little uninspired

So I am sitting here at my tiny little adorable netbook…completely uninspired. At a total loss for words. I have absolutely no story, no lesson, no humorous anecdote, no glimpse into my crazy life, no frustrations, no sarcasm, and no life-changing realizations. I’m just…eh. That’s not such a bad thing, in most cases. ‘Eh’ has […]

“Over the Top”…or “Under the Bottom”. Whatever.

Okay, I’m nervous. Why am I nervous? Because I have an assignment. Like an actual “do this or you will let down all of mankind.” Okay, not quite so dramatic but in my little sheltered existence where the biggest expectation I face most days is making sure that everyone has clean underwear (a task at […]