Confession time: I’m not that great with change. Sure, the concept of change is exciting and refreshing. I get easily bored and love the idea of a big old switcheroo in life’s happenings. In theory. Did you catch that? I n T h e o r y. Which means, in Mindy-speak, I like the idea […]

Huge Thanks to my Hubby!!

In all the hubub of premiering my new website design I forgot to doone very important thing…apply my Monday pore-refining mask. No worries, I’ll do that tonight. Pore-refinement aside, Ialso realized thatI have neglected something else… a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to my better half! My husband, Jer, is a very hard worker and certainly isn’t […]


Good morning, friends. You may have noticed that we’ve redecorated a bit. It’s progress, people. Albeit, one that will be taking some more work, but things are definitely moving. Finally. Have you ever heard the age-old adage, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes?” I can certainly relate with this bit of wisdom. I have been […]