Confession time: I’m not that great with change. Sure, the concept of change is exciting and refreshing. I get easily bored and love the idea of a big old switcheroo in life’s happenings. In theory. Did you catch that? I n T h e o r y. Which means, in Mindy-speak, I like the idea of change but break out in cold sweats and armpit rings at actual change. And trust me, that is not a good look for me.

Example 1: Getting married. Okay, I had found my life’s partner. I was madly, passionately in love. The thought of walking down a church aisle with hundreds of eyes trained in on the beauty that was going to be me sent the really good kind of shivers down my spine. Yada Yada Yada. But I absolutely loathed the idea of changing what Jer and I had perfected, pre-cohabitative bliss. We were great at “not” living together. Sure, we spent most every night at my place or his (um, mom, so we were like playing a lot of Uno and stuff) but we didn’t officially cohabitate. And I liked it. He didn’t. We got married. I sweat through my wedding dress. Thankfully it was white and full of beading, which I quickly learned worked as a stellar distraction from dampening armpits. Thank God.

Example 2: Having kids. Once I resigned myself to “married life” and was able to accept my new normal (and consequently wean myself off of what had become nightly Jaegermeister shots) it was time for the natural progression into motherhood. Which, wasn’t quite so natural for me. Why? Because I didn’t really like kids. I thought they were cute, and I had developed a tiny little Auntie crush on my nephews and nieces but was ever so relieved when they went home to their parents and I went home to a house that didn’t require baby gates or plug-in guards. I liked things to be as they were and really saw no need to change anything. Until I got bit. You know the culprit. The baby bug. It bit me hard and the only way to heal the wound…have a baby. Which I did. In fact, ultimately, I had two. But the fact remained the same with each pregnancy. I feared the change. (And, little known fact, you’re not supposed to drink Jaegermeister while pregnant OR nursing, so there went that coping mechanism.)

Note: I love my kids and can’t imagine life without their tiny little good-smelling heads. I can, however, imagine life without stretch marks and KidzBop cds.

Now on to Example 3. Jer recently accepted a new position with an online advertising company as their Director of Content Syndication. And, no, I’m not entirely sure what that entails but as far as I understand they will be paying him to do it. Insert sweating armpits here. My hubby had worked for his previous employer for nearly 17 years. Is that not the perfect scenario for a change-a-phobe? Unfortunately, Jer does not suffer from such an affliction. In fact, he’s all for change. This explains the marriage proposal (remind me to tell you that story some day) and some good old-fashioned conceiving (I’ll keep those stories to myself.) So, when Jer was offered a job in a new field with a whole bunch of possibilities he jumped at the chance to take it while my feet desired to stay safely planted on the ground. But, like the other examples listed above, I’ve learned that although change makes my glands spritz sweat like a gardenvariety sprinkler it also brings about good things. I’ll just need to add a double layer of deodorant to my armpits.

Edited to Add: One thing that definitely will not change is Jer’s butt sitting twenty-feet away from me. All day. Every. Single. Day. He will still be working from home and I will still be pinching his tiny head between my fingers when he’s not looking. Wish us luck. No. Wish him luck.


Huge Thanks to my Hubby!!

In all the hubub of premiering my new website design I forgot to doone very important thing…apply my Monday pore-refining mask. No worries, I’ll do that tonight.

Pore-refinement aside, Ialso realized thatI have neglected something else… a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to my better half!

My husband, Jer, is a very hard worker and certainly isn’t rich in extra time. He works full-time plus for a software company and also manages to run his own websites for outdoor enthusiasts. His work-from-home daily To Do list would make even Martha Stewart cringe. (Oh, and hallelujah! Jer has recently added dressing himself to his already packed morning schedule…no more visions of him facilitating phone conferences in stretched out underpants until noon, thank God.)

The point is, my husband has very little spare time and I can more than appreciate that he jumped head first and createdmy very own personalizedwebsite. I have joked that it’s only taken him nine months to carry out his original promise (I mean,I’ve managed to growa human in that amount of time)but I honestly say that with tongue-in-cheek. With all the irons in Jer’s campfire, I hadalready intended for The Suburban Life to sit low on his list of priorities. Mainly because this particular iron doesn’t pay the bills. Work on, brother man, work on.

So, I thank you,dear husband. I thankyou for your hard work and for your creativity.I thank you forgiving me amore enjoyable playground on which to play. Mainly, I thank you for shifting me to the top of your list.



Good morning, friends. You may have noticed that we’ve redecorated a bit. It’s progress, people. Albeit, one that will be taking some more work, but things are definitely moving. Finally.

Have you ever heard the age-old adage, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes?” I can certainly relate with this bit of wisdom. I have been waiting for a more personal website on which to publish my blogs for many months now, following a very exuberant promise by my web developer-by trade husband that one would be delivered promptly.

When I firsttoyed with the idea of blogging Jer had all kinds of grandiose ideas. He said, “Oh, I could do this…”, “Hey, maybe we could add something like this…”, “I’ve always wanted to try something like…” and it went on and on. By the end of our conversation I was underthe impression that every dream I ever had would be met.

Fast forward nine months.

We are finally getting some shoes around here. Or websites. Sorry, I got a little caught up in my metaphor. Jeremy has decided to focus on me and my tech needs a little bit (after months and months of subtle hints…okay, some not so subtle) and I couldn’t be happier.

Like any kind of change there will undoubtedly besomehiccups along the way. One of the problems with having a technologically savvy husband is that we tend to speak different languages. I speak English and he, well, Geek Speak. This presents some difficulty when attempting to “work together.”

He says, “Blah blah blah megabytes blah blah blah Internet router.

I respond, “Huh?”

He says, “I said, ‘blah blah blah URL blah blah blah bandwidth?

I respond, “Um, yes. Definitely, yes.”

And it continues in this ugly pattern until one of us gives up, utterly frustrated with the other. So, yes. There will be some hiccups. I daresay I dohave enough faith that our marriage will withstand this web-centric metamorphosis. Hopefully.

We are certainly open to constructive criticism, as long as it tends towards the “you are absolutely wonderful at what you do and I see no need for anything to change,” type. Yep, we’re super evolved around here.

In all seriousness, if you have anything to add which might further along this blog makeover, don’t be afraid to share. I promise it’ll be fine. It’s possible I could get a little snarky and a tad bit offended but it’ll all be worth it in the end. For all of us. Especially me. :)

On a sidenote ~ our roadtrip to meet Pioneer Woman was fantastic and that woman is even cooler in person than I thought possible! I will be blogging about that experience very soon!

Keepin’ it real,