You Can Learn A Lot If You Listen

Recently, while reacquainting myself with my little bloggy-blog I came across this post that for some reason only known to God and the Universe, I never published.  Rather than dump it off as a missed opportunity to share I decided to include it as today’s blog post, the information still quite relevant.  I threw this […]

I mean, really… Who said she could grow up?!?

She's growing up...

I’m a mother of a 10 year-old girl. Do you know what that means? I can justimagine all the mothers of girls out there raisingcollective sighs to the Universe right now. Ya get me? She’s a good girl. A really good girl, in fact. But I am starting to get glimpses into what will most […]

Freezing my Petals Off!

I remember growing up as a teeny little Mindy looking soforward to winter.Our cozy home hada lovely wood-burning stove, plenty of hot chocolate and layers of snow clothes stacked up and ready for layering. Fast forward a couple of decades? Our heat pump dries out my hair, hot chocolate has too many calories and layers […]

It’s All Starting to Make Sense…


Since accepting the position as the Head-Lady-In-Charge around these parts I have been forced to realize some truths: 1) Stay-at-home mom = easy access to food pantry and Cheez Its… All. Day. Long. 2) Stay-at-home mom = growing collection of yoga pants. 3) Stay-at-home mom = slight addiction to online shopping. 4) Stay-at-home mom = […]