Slowly but surely…

That’s right. Slowly but surely I am making my way back unto the living. I’ve been down and out for a good 48 hours but currently, I’d say, I’m operating at about 70% capacity which means I’m back to doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming and general cleaning but still feeling crappy enough to be slightly bitter.

Being “out of commission” is unchartered territory for me.With a first-grader in public schoolI catch my fair share of colds and an occasional upset stomach but I typically stillrun on full cylinders and have a firm grasp on the day-to-day duties of running a household.

This time around was slightly different.This cold, or”viril rhinitis” as I like to so eloquently put it, took everything out of me. All of my responsibilities had to go on hold and that was, perhaps, the hardest part of fighting it. The “knowing”. Knowing that for an indefinite amount of time, my laundry would go unwashed, the dishes would go unrinsed, the kids would go unbathed and the floors would go unswept.

And due tothis admittedly unhealthyobsession withthings remaining orderly and my wholehearted attempts at keeping up a “large and in charge” persona,I have historically not been the best patient. Ihave not allowed myself to rest fully for fear that dirty towels and food-caked disheswould take over my house.

But, again,this time around wasa different mamma-jamma. This time I seriouslycould have cared less if my towels walked in from the laundry roomto sit downnext to me on the couch and discuss politics. It honestly wouldn’t have fazed me if my dirty dishes convened together to march around my kitchen in protest. I would have laid on that couch and applauded their demonstration.

At the onset ofmy snotty nose,I made the decision to take some much needed rest and allow life to go on around me. And you know what? It did. Dinner got made, dishes were cleaned up and my kids got bathed.

I realized that when push comes to shove my husband is a worthy house manager. I realized that the sun does not rise and set on a clean house. I realized thatstinky kids are still happy kids.I realized that sometimes a down-and-out cold is a worthyexcuse for a much needed respite. I realized that I do not have to do it all.

(I also realized that combining cough medicine and rum is not a smart decision given my somewhat unsettling hallucinations concerning my politically-minded towels and march-happy dishes.)

So, as I work on gaining back the remaining 30% of my capacity I will do so with a certain peace as I have learned a valuable lesson. I will undoubtedly get sick again and my well-oiled machine willundoubtedly come to a screeching halt but when it does…all will be okay. (Unless my towels do actually sit down to talk to me, then we’re dealing with an entirely different situation.)

P.S. I wanted to say a gracious “Thank You” to you all for my well-wishes! It was certainly most appreciated!!

Happy Wednesday,


Still sick…


I’m still sick.

Send help.

(And by help I totally mean the Thunder from Down Under. Nothing says a”quick recovery” like gyrating Australian hips clad inSpeedos.)

Save my family from my ever-growing bad mood and save me from my perpetual and unattractive bedhead.

Two days of this crap leaves melonging for the days of my Dolly Parton hair and Tammy Faye Baker makeup. This infirm-induced au’natural junk is for the birds.

P.S. I must add, I think there is nothing more unnerving to achild’s psyche than when their mother is “out of commission.” My poor kids (and husband) don’t know what to do with themselves.

I crawled out of bed this morning to help Jer get Avery off to school and could sense a quiet discomfort from Jer at being guided through the steps of building a lunch and from Avery at watching her father manhandle the Disney princess sandwich holder. I had to scale Jer back a little as it appeared he was building a lunch worthy of a 200-pound lumberjack and not a 50-pound first grader.

And Jack? That little dude has beat feet into my bedroom no less than 50 times to peel back my eyelids and stare into my groggy, sleep-hampered eyeballs. Therapeutic. Really.

P.P.S. I’m totally serious about the Australians.

Until tomorrow,


Ugh…I’m sick.

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, friends.

I have caught what appears to be viril rhinitis…known to the average layperson as the “common cold.” Doesn’t the addition of italics make something appear so much more important? I’ve been attempting to relay this very thing to Jer all day but he isn’t hearing it.

“You’ve got a cold, Mindy. You’ll be fine.”

“But, Jer. It’s viril rhinitis.”

“Yeah. A cold. The common cold.” Shoot. He figured out the italics thing.


I’ve been sitting here all day long sneezing, coughing, wheezing and whining. My family has all decided, wisely, to steer clear of me. Even the little one has learned totake a very wide path around my perch on the couch. He quickly ascertained that getting tooclose to me requireshim to listen to mypathetic whimpering and complaining about the torturous symptoms of a runny nose and itchy throat. And he’s three. You see how bad it is? I’m complaining about my draining sinuses, puss-filled lungs and scratchy throat to a three year-old whose current threshold of comprehension peaks at words like “poop” and “pee’.

In other words…I’m miserable.

So, I am going to drink plenty of fluids (does rum count as a “fluid”?) and get plenty of rest. And you already know how I feel about naps. For the sake of a speedy and healthy recovery, I will take a short break from posting my daily recap of the stimulating details of my life and come back tomorrow with a renewedvitality and vigor.

Happy Monday,