I did it again, folks.

Why, oh why, do I continue to watch televison shows focused on paranormal activity? It’s outright stupid, I tell you. I vowed, after my last bout of paranoid fear, that I would never watch one of these programs again. And then I got all cheeky and decided that I would not let my fears overtake […]

Spooky ghost story…the tale of the missing body

Admittedly, I am notthebravest chick in the coop. In fact, I’m kind of a full-on weinie when it comes to anything paranormal. Need proof? Read this. I kind of have this syndrome, if you will, that stems from watching “ghosty” storiescausing me to imagine hearing all kinds of spooky sounds at nightresulting in me forcing […]

I really need to stop watching “Paranormal State”

“Wait…shhhh….did you hear that? I’m serious…just a minute. Can’t you hear that? It sounds like scratching or something. Go check.” What you’ve just experienced is what has become an almost nightly occurance in mybedroominvolving me (the freaker) and my hubby, Jer (the checker-outer). I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Ever since I was a […]