I Spoke (Way) Too Soon.

Okay, folks. Stop the celebrating. Put the champagne away. Set that mozzarella stick down. My victorious mood from yesterday has gone a teensy bit awry. Based on the events of today, I’m thinking that Jack isn’t quite ready tocompletely succomb to the world of the non-diaper wearing. In fact, a few times today I was […]


Jack potty

What has occurred in my household today is monumental. It is a feat of gigantic proportions. It has altered my life in ways that I can only imagine. There are no words to accurately define the vast importance of this beautiful day. Why? Because Jack has finally pooped in the potty. And I’m talking a […]

Happy Friday! Is everyone ready for ‘normal’?

Well, here we are. Quickly approaching the first “non-Holiday” weekend for what has seemed like months. Here’s the problem with that. I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like I should be buying something, baking something, decorating something, wrapping something, unwrapping something, eating something, drinking something or watching a gigantic ball drop […]

He’s gone too far…more potty training woes.

In case you haven’t been following my blog (in which case, you and Ireally need to have a talk)I have been attempting to potty train my little man, Jack, for the past several months. It hasn’t worked. He could care less. I think he actually likes peeing his pants. I’m in big trouble. But,he recently […]