A perfect weekend…

We got home yesterday from a perfect camping trip with my book club. I’ve mentioned this special group of ladies before. You can read up on how we manage to take the “book” out of book club here.

For a quick recap for the non-informed (in which case, how dare you not be informed about my life) our book club meets monthly for a kid-free, husband-free evening of drinks, appetizers, drinks, dinner, drinks, dessert, drinks, vague book discussion and drinks. It’s fabulous! Did I mention the drinks? We have really grown into great friends and I wholeheartedly look forward to our evenings together.

A few years back we decided that our monthly dates were just not enough. So we made the decision to gather up our families and head to a fabulous spot for campfires, drinks, games, drinks, swimming, drinks and drinks.

It was an awesome weekend.

But like with any life experience I’ve learned a few things about myself.

1) I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

2) I’m getting old.

3) I’m not as young as I used to be.

4) My body is old.

5) I’m old.

This unfortunate fact got proven to me throughout the weekend. Camping just ain’t as easy on these old bones as it used to be. There were hot days and cold nights. There were Volkswagen-sized bugs flying around which caused me to manipulate my body in ways worthy of a Matrix stunt double. There were uncomfortable trailer beds. (Now, wait. Before you get all Swiss Family Robinson on me and tell me that trailer camping isn’t real camping you obviously haven’t had to wash dishes in a sink the size of a measuring cup. It’s real rough.) There were too many appetizers involving cheese. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know I’m not one signature away from an AARP membership or anything. I’m only 36. But 36 is certainly not 26 and I’m pretty sure that we exponentially age after 30 anyway.

Nevertheless, aching back considering, I love our annual camping trip and I love my book club ladies like family. A true testament to a spectacular vacation is looking forward to the next one, flying Volkswagens and all. And that I am!




Hello friends! Can we send the kids back to school yet?

Hi there gang! So, it’s been approximately 72 years since my last post. Not much has changed. I’m still a stay-at-home mom. My kids are still lovely. My hubby is still all up in my biz and working from home. I still live in the suburbs. And I’m still just this side of looney bin-bound.

And y’all? I have missed you! How’s the family? Is that finnicky ol’ lady summer vacation treating you well? Any fantastic plans you want to brag about? Anyone ready to send their chillins back to school?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all about spending some QT with my little missy and mister but I am starting to get a teensy bit cagey. As wonderful as the freedom that only summer vacation can afford is, I am craving a little more structure. You might be thinking, “Well, Mindy…you want structure, then set some up!” Well, no. But thank you for the very obvious advice. (Sarcasm not intended. Okay, maybe a teensy bit.) There is an inherent quality of summer vacation, and as a stay-at-home mom for that matter, that requires a more laid-back approach to life. The hustle and bustle of the school year is deliciously absent and replaced by a much more exciting verve and vigor sparked by warm weather and endless plans. And I love that.


I also love the part where the endless plans, well, end. And I’m starting to wish that date was a little sooner than later. In our area we have approximately four weeks until we send off our mini-me’s to be educated and molded into responsible little members of society. And I’m getting kind of excited to see that yellow school bus.

However, since I have zero pull with the School District and despite my many urges to the Universe school is still a month away and we will make the best of it. I will continue to set up and change the sprinkler out in the front yard so that Jack can get wet and then decide he wants to be dry and then decide he wants to be wet again. I will continue to drive Avery to various camps and sleepovers (and will continue to explain to Jack why his sister’s friends would prefer he not sleep over as well). And, despite my occasional grumblings, I will continue to find the blessings in each day and be glad for it.


Thank God for Fridays…

I’ve previously divulged that I am of the “non-employed” variety. And to my friends with jobs it always sounds so funny when I say, “God I’mready forthe weekend!” I usually get a snicker/sneer and they’re all, “Um, isn’t every day a weekend for you?” as they roll their eyes. Ha ha ha.

Well…quite frankly…hell no.

I’ve been employed before. Like a real job. The kind that pays you money. I’ve touched on that already. If you need a recap, here you go. So I know all about working and how important the weekend is. Often, knowing that there are two free days waiting for you at the endis all that gets you through the work week. Trust me, I get that.

At my old job Iwas planning my weekend first thing Monday morning and I would ask my coworkers what theirweekend plans were. People thought I was nuts…either that or seriously confused by the whole “days of the week” concept. I preferred to look at it as hopeful optimism that I could force our part of the world into some Twilight Zone timewarp essentially speeding up the first part of the week and slowing down on Friday afternoon just in time for happy hour at Applebees. Have you had their wings? Just sayin’.

And now, for some ungodly reason there is this misconception about SAHM’s. Namely, that we don’t need weekends. Like, we spend so much of our time eating bon-bons and watching soaps (okay, I watch soaps but that’s not the point here), why on Earth would we need a nationally-recognized end of the week holiday?

Well, I’m here totell you why. Because we need a light at the end of our tunnel. We need that release that a weekend brings. We need to know that for 48 blessedhours we can live in ignorant bliss. We need to know that if we have help available (in the form of a reluctant husband or baby daddy) we can call upon that help when we want to spend longer than 37 seconds in the bathroom. I can’t explain it. Sometimes I like to linger.

We like the idea that, perhaps, if it’s our lucky day, the kids will sleep in and so can we! We really like knowing that we can roll through a drive-through for lunch if we don’t feel like slapping together PB&J’s. And, here’s where I get really poignant. We like to feel a little more like you, the employed. For two days out of the week we can blend in. Our yoga pants, hoodies and tennis shoes don’t scream “Look at me…I wear these same pantsevery day.” Quite honestly, we’re afforded a little bit of dignity.

So I would ask of you, gentle “employed” readers, next time your SAHM friend utters the words, “So glad it’s Friday,” give her a high-five and heartily agree. And then ask her to pick up your dry-cleaning. Why not? It’s not like shehas a job.

I leave you with this bit of humor…

“You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today and we don’t know where the hell she is.” Ellen Degeneres

Happy Friday, Mindy

What in the Hell was I Thinking? SAHM Woes…

Well, you asked for it so here it is. A glimpse inside my brain…an understanding of my soul…a glance into my psyche…Okay, so you really didn’t ask but I feel a need to talk about it so just deal with it! As I explained in my first entry, I am a stay-at-home mom. (AKA: stay-at-home lackey, used and abused with absolutely no monetary compensation.) I am, ahem, 33 years old and started my very first job as a receptionist/file clerk for a law firm at the ripe old age of 15. I took to work like a moth to a flame, like Splenda to Diet Coke, like a toddler to a cheap plastic toy at a grocery store check-out stand. But, I digress. The point is I liked to work. I liked the challenge and responsibility. I liked learning new things and meeting new people. I liked Liz Claiborne and Clinique makeup. I loved my paycheck. And thus began my love affair with making my own money. I continued to work at mostly full-time intervals until after I married my husband, Jeremy and had our first child, Avery. She was such a sweet child that I honestly couldn’t imagine working full-time and leaving her at daycare all day long. At the time I was working for a municipal court and loved my job. So Jer and I decided that I would reduce down to half-time and essentially live the best of both worlds. And it was great! I would breeze in and breeze out of work without the over-burdened stress of all my full-time coworkers and then pick up my little baby from her daycare without any guilt that I wasn’t the one actually raising her. And this schedule worked for 3 blissful years.

And then we had Jack. Sweet, funny, evil-incarnate Jack. Oh, where do I begin? Let’s start with the cost of putting two children in part-time daycare. It’s a lot. And when you are only working 20 hours a week to start with…well, you can figure it out. It was either work full-time or no-time and we decided to try the latter. What In The Hell Was I Thinking?

Little did I know that I would be joining an elite group of creative-minded parents with an inherent ability of which I was not born with nor would ever possess. Did you know that stay-at-home moms are expected to clip coupons and keep a detailed log of which stores are featuring seedless grapes at less than $2.00 per pound? And then are expected to share the information with other stay-at-home moms while any information not shared is viewed as a form of treason? Well, I know I sure didn’t! I also didn’t realize that certain parental requirements such as potty training and de-binkying (I can’t think of an official name for that one) are supposed to be seen as fulfilling and life-enriching projects. What?!

But now, I have dived in head-first into this world of coupon-clipping and crockery cooking without a look backwards at my old life. In the extremely wise and prophetic words of Popeye, “I am what I am”. But that doesn’t mean I can’t bitch about it. (My words, not Popeye’s. He was a pretty glass-half-full kind of sailor!)


Love to all, Mindy

Welcome to thesuburbanlife.com!

Okay, so here it is. The “Here I Am”. The “Get to Know Me”. The “Who in the Hell Do I Think I Am That Anyone Would Want to Read About Me?” My very first entry!

I am a thirty-something mother of two kids and a happily married woman of 9 years. I have a 6 year old daughter about to enter first grade and an almost 3 year old son about to drive me crazy. Why, you might ask? Because I spend every single waking minute of the day with him and have since the second he was born. That’s right. I’m a SAHM. For you non-acronymic people out there that stands for Stay-At-Home-Mom. I have been doing the “super mom” schpiel for almost 3 years now and I’m no better at it today than I was the day I started. I actually used to be a contributing member of the work force until I decided to do my part for society and add two more souls to the ever growing over-population problem in this world. Now I stay at home to help “enrich” their lives and make a difference. Right. More on this topic at a later date as I simply do not have the emotional stamina right now to go there. (Edited to add: I do actually love my kids and wouldn’t necessary jump at the chance at a full-time job right now. However, I reserve the right to freely complain as this is all I currently have going for me. Just in case you were wondering.)

I decided to start this blog because I have a lot to say. Just ask anyone. I’m also lucky enough to have a tech-savvy hubby who graciously offered to build my website. Okay, this may be an overstatement. But as any happily married woman out there knows, we’ve got leverage and we ain’t afraid to use it! I plan on blogging about anything and everything that inspires me, confuses me, amuses me or just plain pisses me off! Also, I am just looking for something to fill my time that doesn’t involve cooking, cleaning or wiping up poop. Just sayin’.

So, in conclusion, I hope you enjoy my musings and I certainly look forward to any comments or stories any of you may have for me! I am in serious need of some entertainment people!

Love to all, Mindy