Monday, Monday…

Jack Risky Business

Is it Monday already? I have never understood that question. In my whole history of histories I have never NOT known it was Monday. For every second of the forty bazillion seconds in a weekend (totally officiall number by the way) I am aware as each passes by. I can feel the impending Monday morning […]

An Oldie but a Goodie…

I thought I might start reposting some of my earlier blog entries, from way back when my mom and sisters were literally the only ones reading them. The following post is particularly appropriate because over the last couple of weeks I have been tried, tested, used and abused in my temporary role as “head of […]

Ugh…Dr. Phil’s SAHM vs. Working Moms

Yowza. Did anyone see the October 14th Dr. Phil show? The topic was Stay-at-Home Moms versus Working Moms, aptly named “Guilty Moms”. You can view the video and access show information at Dr. Dr. Phil had brought in women who represented both sides of the fence,a few of which were all fired up to […]