Monday, Monday…

Jack Risky Business

Is it Monday already? I have never understood that question. In my whole history of histories I have never NOT known it was Monday. For every second of the forty bazillion seconds in a weekend (totally officiall number by the way) I am aware as each passes by. I can feel the impending Monday morning […]

Backyard Chickens…What?

I typically prefer my chicken wrapped up in cellophane and sporting a barcode. I’m real traditional like that. But my hubby decided that our suburban existence was missing a vital element. He felt the calling, people, and plunged head-first into what has become his new religion. That’s right. We’re chicken farmers. Farmers. Of chickens. In […]

lia sophia jewelry anyone?

Hi folks! Today’s post is serving the purpose of FULL DISCLOSURE to my readers. I am now an Independent Sales Advisor for lia sophia jewelry. There, I said it. I was kind of nervous. Like “OMG, do you think he likes me?” kind of nervous. Remember that high school feeling? That little niggling tickle in […]

It’s All Starting to Make Sense…


Since accepting the position as the Head-Lady-In-Charge around these parts I have been forced to realize some truths: 1) Stay-at-home mom = easy access to food pantry and Cheez Its… All. Day. Long. 2) Stay-at-home mom = growing collection of yoga pants. 3) Stay-at-home mom = slight addiction to online shopping. 4) Stay-at-home mom = […]