Burning the Midnight Oil…


This youngest child of mine apparentlylives a very busy existence. I’m beginning to expect that he is sneaking out at night to frequent some swinging night club. Or perhaps he’s hitting open mic night at the local karaoke bar. Better yet, I would be willing to bet that he’s moonlighting as a go-go dancer. No […]

A Very Wet Day…and my special “gift.”


We have been experiencing some very strange weather in these parts as of late. I’m actually quite concerned regarding the mental health of our local weather god, Mister Weather (appropriate name, no?). Something is very wrong. Very, verywrong. We go from a bright, sun-filled sky to monsoon-like winds to torrential downpours in mere minutes of […]

An Alternate Universe?


Today has been a day for the books. Today has been the kind of day where I raise my face to the heavens and cry, “Why!?!?!?” Today has been the kind of day where I realize that the fact hair remains follicly attached to my head must bedue to divine intervention. Today has been the […]

My Prayers Have Finally Been Answered

Shhh. Can you hear that? Yep, you got it. It’s the angels singing, rejoicing a true miracle hereon Earth.And if you listen real closely you’ll hear a whimsical tinkling, porcelain music to my soul. The sound of my son not peeing his pants. Hallelujah! I feel like this moment has been a long time coming. […]