New Year Goal Number One

Not surprisingly, upon initial reflection as to what my most pressing goals for 2011 were to be, what came screaming at me front and center was my weight. Now folks, I’ve always been what many may consider “curvy” and at many points in my life I have considered that an attribute. And, although I’ve never […]

The Dreaded Picture

I’m fairly certain that most everyone has experienced this at one time or another. How about you? Ever been featured in a photograph in a not-so-flattering manner? And upon discovery of said photograph a shock of shivers (and not the fun kind) trickle down your back at the realization that members of the public have […]

Desperate times…my hubby is my WeightWatchers coach.

I have been a “Weight Watcher” on and off for several years now. On when I have extra money and well, extra motivation. Off when I realize that only counting points one day a week does not make for an effective weight-loss regimen or a very loyal “Weight Watcher” for that matter. And, lately I’ve […]

Weight Loss Woes – How many epiphanies can one actually have?

Have you ever logged on to a weight loss website and read one motivating story after another of how a down-in-her-luck overweight mom pulled herself up by her bootstraps and finally lost the weight that had been plaguing her for years? And then, after reading said motivating story you say to yourself, “That’s it. I […]