“Be Your Own Advocate”

I’ve been hearing a certain comment over and over lately and its severity really resonated with me today. “Be your own medical advocate.” That’s a pretty heavy load and one I’m not entirely sure I’m excited to tackle. I grew up, like many people I’m sure, with a reverence for doctors. Until recently, I would […]

“Do You Think You Can You Keep It Like This?”

I’m a fairly clean person. And, although I pride myself on squeaky clean bits’n pieces, it is not of a hygienic nature that I am speaking today. I’m a bit “Type A” when it comes to keeping my house neat and tidy. I’m not so much concerned with the nooks and crannies as I am […]

Friday Photo of the Week

Avery "On Top of the World" in Utah

For this week’s “Photo” I pulled out a previously unseen (by me, that is) picture obviously taken without my permission, approval or consent. This photo must have been snapped while I was throwing back a Xanax because there is no way on God’s green earth I would have EVER allowed my precious, innocent, fragile baby […]

The Dreaded Picture

I’m fairly certain that most everyone has experienced this at one time or another. How about you? Ever been featured in a photograph in a not-so-flattering manner? And upon discovery of said photograph a shock of shivers (and not the fun kind) trickle down your back at the realization that members of the public have […]