Backyard Garden Chili Peppers


I’ve been staring at this bowl of peppers for months now. I mean it. Months. And like some ridiculous Willy Wonka invention, they won’t go away. I’ve blogged about my husband’s obsession with his garden. However, unlike most obsessed people, his garden is less about specific anticipated needs and concise planting styles and a whole […]

Frozen LadyBits

I was dreaming of icebergs and eskimos. I had polar bears and penguins nipping at my toes, blankets of snow piling up around me. Longing thoughts of toasty warm fireplaces and sherpa-lined blankets began dancing in my head. I woke up from my frozen tundra of a dreamscape and immediately reached down to pull my […]

Robert the Cat

Sleeping on the lawn furniture...outside.  Again, away from us.

While perusing The Pioneer Woman this morning and reading her beautiful post detailing the close relationship between her and her Kitty Kitty I couldn’t help but be reminded of my non-existant relationshp with my own cat, Robert. For those who may need a recap, I have explained our decline in this post. The long and […]

Halloween 2010


Okay, so I readily admit that Halloween is over. Completely over. In fact, Halloween is so over that we are now fully able to obsess over a new holiday. Thanksgiving. Ahem. Yeah, right. We all know that according to retail standards “Turkey Day” is practically non-existent, and Christmas, if you’ve visited any Target or Walmart […]