A First Impression

To work towards my New Year’s Goal Number One, the hubby and I decided to join a gym. A real one. With treadmills. And elliptical machines. And various weightlifting apparatus (or would that be apparatii,Latin for causing immense pain). And trainers. And, perhaps the most intimidating, tiny little gym rats with butts so firm you […]

New Year Goal Number One

Not surprisingly, upon initial reflection as to what my most pressing goals for 2011 were to be, what came screaming at me front and center was my weight. Now folks, I’ve always been what many may consider “curvy” and at many points in my life I have considered that an attribute. And, although I’ve never […]

New Year…New You?

Holy heck, it’s the year 2011. Can anyone believe it? I’m pretty sure it was only yesterday that I was gathering all my hair up for a side pony, rolling up my leg warmers and sucking down a Diet Tab. Time is flying by and I, for one, am not okay with that. I’ve never […]