It has finally happened.

Well,I knew it was bound to happen. Eventually. I’ve been racing against time for years now in a full-on effort to alleviate dealing with this issue. I understand it happens to us all and have tried to reason with myself to that fact. It still stings. It still digs deep. It still pains me. Allow […]

Phew…is anybody else tired?

I’m exhausted. Like, seriously pooped. I’m pretty sure my feet are about ready to pop off my ankle bones. They’re propped up and pulsating Fred Flintstone-style from all the running around I’ve done over the past few days. It’s been a very busy weekend (for everyone, I know) but since it’s my blog I get […]

Black Friday

Well, did you survive the holiday? Are you still knee-deep in a tryptophan-induced coma? Are you leaking pumpkin from your pores? Oh…is that just me? How embarassing. We had a wonderful Thanskgiving this year withturkey a’plenty and all the fixin’s. But even more important than that was the fellowship between family and friends. Oh, and […]