A Colorado Road Trip: Part 5 ~ The Ultimate Destination

My little man getting inducted to "Beer Academy" a little early...

Since I lived through the Eisenhower tunnel experience I knew I was in store for a very smooth third leg of the trip. We had finally arrived at our ultimate destination: Firestone, Colorado. Our friends were waiting to welcome us (all 13 of us) at their beautiful home located in this developing community located a […]

A Colorado Road Trip: Part 4 ~ Now We’re Talkin’

Arches National Park

We pulled into the driveway of our gem of a rental home at approximately 12:25a.m., 21 1/2 hours after we left our own driveway. We stumbled into the house, quickly located our beds and hit the sack with visions of a sound sleep and a leisurely breakfast complete with steaming cups of coffee dancing in […]

A Friday Photo


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of recounting my incredibly bad vacation luck (which, quite frankly, was beginning to depress me) to feature the following photograph. What you are witnessing here is primal, animalistic, fierce. In this Ultimate Showdown of “Man vs. Goose” you can see Man (a.k.a. my twin brother) unleashing on this unsuspecting […]

A Colorado Road Trip: Part Three ~ Finally

Feeling better, I joked, “Hope it’s not the Universe trying to tell us something.” Ha. Ha. Jer looked over at me, shot me his best reassuring smile and turned his eyes back on to the road ahead… Where a deer was standing, illuminated by our headlights and staring right at us in what appeared to […]