The Blessed Weekend

And it’s Monday. I can’t believe how quickly the weekend goes. I remember backwhen I was a working girl (not THAT kind of working girl…gaw…although I totally would have been a Julia Roberts-typeand not her annoying co-prostitute/roommate, Kit). It seemed the week would creep along at a punishingly slow pace. I would gaze at the […]

Hey Lady! Where’d you go?

You know, when I started this blog forty-hundred years ago I recognized immediately how much I love writing. The subsequent pouring out of blog posts was definitely proof of that. You couldn’t stop me. I was a writing machine. Ideas poured from my soul like lemonade from a pitcher on a sultry summer day. (See? […]

Let the Soccer Begin!

Picture it: Numerous sets of banged up knees running chaotically through a field of grass, the object of their one-track minded goal bouncing back and forth from ankle to ankle. The buzz of excitement over any potential contact with said object is palpable to those watching this familiar dance. And then picture this: On the […]